Here are some related links you may find interesting:

Art  - This is a great site for fine art and truly fine crafts. - A gallery and publisher of Kustom Kulture, Lowbrow and just cool art. - The art and culture magazine of the times.


Charros - This beautiful site is in spanish, but once you see it you wonít care.  And the music is wonderful!


Cowboy gear, art and music - Itís all here, everything from handmade bits and spurs, to fine art and music.  A must! - Incredible handmade bits and spurs, saddles and hitched horsehair by the actual makers.  These are hands-on horsemen making the real articles and works of art. - Some truly fine braidwork by Ray Huffman, and he has some outstanding cowboy antiques. - Lorraine is a singer and songwriter and true friend. Her music is wonderful!!! You will also find a picture of me on her site, sort of like Where's Waldo, find Linda. - Imagine Country, Rockabilly, Southern Rock thrown in a blender, mix and listen.  Guaranteed enjoyment!

Dias de los Muertos - These books by Mary Andrade are to die for.


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