“Sacred Memories”
28½ x 12¼   400 s/n
Hand Colored  $80
Low Inventory

“Medicine In The Wind”
19½ x 25   400 s/n
Hand Colored  $110
Low Inventory

“Legend And The Hunt”
19 x 25   400 s/n
Hand Colored  $90

“Wrapt With Pride”
23 x 12½   250 s/n
Hand Colored  $90

The original art for these images was graphite, pen & ink or mixed media.  All of these lithographs are hand colored, signed and numbered limited editions.

Several of these pieces include hidden images.  “Sacred Memories” has 14, including a buffalo, raccoon, fox, golden eagle, wolf and horses.  “The Legend and the Hunt” is about the times when the people hunted buffalo on horseback.  This image has riders on horses, buffalo and an elder passing the legend to an eager listener.

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“Four Feathers”
18 x 24   400 s/n
Hand Colored  $80

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